Fifty Four Forms For Fear

Psychological Short Stories by Swaroop Acharjee

Fifty Four Forms For Fear published by the Wolfian Press is a collection of psychological short stories by Indian author Swaroop Acharjee.


Everyone has fears just like you do. If in a world love exists, can fear be far behind? Everyone is scared of something and each fear has a form.

Short Stories

Fifty Four Forms For Fear consists of seven pyschological short stories :-

  1. Prologue
  2. Afterdark
  3. Light Behind Your Eyes
  4. Life Of A Carnivore
  5. A Secret
  6. A Guardian of Anaesthesia
  7. Interlude

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About The Author

Swaroop Acharjee is short story author, poet, code and a nerd. He has worked as part of the team creating British magaazine Innovate and several other local publications. When he is not writing about strangers, he usually codes for strangers. He lives alone and studies Engineering in RCC-IIT, Kolkata.

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Also By The Author

Million Miles Away published by the Wolfian Press is a work of poetry by Indian poet Swaroop Acharjee illustrated with beautiful photographs by Sanuj Goswami.

Million Miles Away is also available from the Wolfian Press.

Short Stories

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