A Fountain Stirred

A Poetry Anthology by Brian G. Davies

A Fountain Stirred published by the Wolfian Press is a poetry anthology by poet Brian G. Davies illustrated with often poignant photographs.

About The Book

One might be forgiven for thinking, on first reading, that the content of 'A Fountain Stirred' more strongly reflects those darker and sadder aspects of life as we experience it. Such feelings are given prominence in 'Goodbye My Friend', 'I Shall Not Return', and 'Centre of My Universe', whilst 'My Light, My World' was indeed occasioned by the recent passing of my beloved wife Maureen, soulmate of 47 years. But this feeling is tempered by the anticipatory themes of 'Exodus' and 'Awakening' whilst the theme of love, in its various forms, is recorded in such as 'This Sound of Love', 'The Transforming Touch' and 'Palest Fire'. Hope is touched upon in such as 'Expectation', 'Within, Without' and 'The Turning of The Worm'. Finally, of course, are those referring to, or appealing to, children, possibly of all ages. Elephants are a particular passion of mine, albeit mostly sitting on my windowsill at home. I hope that this anthology will appeal to all ages and all tastes. If so, the effort entailed will have been worthwhile.

About The Author

Born in 1933 in South London of Welsh parentage, Brian was at the start of World War Two one of London's evacuees. Having spent a year as such in a small South Wales mining village he was then sent as a boarder to King's School, Ely in Cambridgeshire, where he remained until the war's end. Returning home in 1945, Brian transferred to Alleyn's College, Dulwich, and in 1952 was called up for National Service. Most of this period was served as an educational Sergeant Instructor in Singapore.

Following his demob, Brian spent three years studying to qualify as a teacher. After some years as such in various schools he withdrew from the teaching profession and turned instead to commerce as a management consultant, working for various 'blue-chip' companies. During this period he met Maureen, his wife-to-be, also a teacher, and they had two children.

Now retired, Brian lives in a small market town in the Welsh Marches, where he is organist for a near-by Methodist chapel. Brian also writes travel articles and poems, several of which have been published in various magazines.

Poetry & Photographs

A Fountain Stirred is illusrated throughout by photographs, mostly those of the author, or others used with the permission of their owner.

Some of these chart the author's life and that of his family, many record the journies taken in the motorhome over the course of decades. To the left, the Col d'Aspin in the Pyrenees.

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