AHF Magazine issue 2

Issue 2 of AHF Magazine includes an interview with author John R Stuart, the completion of the serialised story by David C Schwartz and Paula Smith, short stories by JD Blackrose, Kathy Gilbert, Michel Hersen, Daniel McElwain, David McVey, Christopher P. Mooney, DF Pellegrino, Amy Simpson, Ty Spencer Vossler, and Grey Wolf, an art feature on the new book cover for 'How To Write Alternate History', a press release introducing 'Paths Not Taken' by Euel Elliott et al, and more. The cover features a photograph taken in the Upper Antelope Canyon, Arizona, by Michel Hersen, and logo design by Violett Dragonlady.

AHF Magazine issue 2 is published by the Wolfian Press and is dedicated to promoting alternate history and the associated genres of Science Fiction, Steampunk, Historical Fiction and Fantasy.

Submission & Copyright

AHF Magazine is Open Submission, and stories, articles, artwork, poetry and features can be emailed to editor@wolfianpress.com.
AHF Magazine does not claim copyright on any material submitted to it, whilst copyright is vested in AHF Magazine for articles, interviews and features that are created by the Editor.
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AHF Website

AHF Website exists apart from Wolfian Press's direct operations with the sole purpose of promoting authors from across the Alternate History genre, whoever their publisher may be. The Wolfian Press does not claim any proprietary rights over AHF Website, and does not seek to influence its growth as a resource for the alternate history community, both for fans and for writers and publishers.
However, AHF Magazine will exist in symbiotic tandem with AHF Website, which will help to promote and publicise the magazine.

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AHF Magazine is open to advertising within the genres of of Alternate History, Science Fiction, Steampunk, Fantasy, Historical Fiction and Historical Fact authors, publishers, merchandise companies and websites. Prices start at £10 per issue for a full colour advertisement.
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If you wish to advertise but do not have any artwork, a professional design service is available through the Wolfian Press for £70 providing an advertisement that you will be free to use where-ever you wish.