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Review Copies

Review Copies of books and magazines published by the Wolfian Press are available free to publications, reviewers etc, and can be sent in PDF, EPUB or KINDLE format. They will either be emailed out, or if requested placed in an individual download location. Please note, for obvious reasons we will carry out a brief check as to the existence of the publication or website making a request for a free copy. Please email to request a Review Copy.

Press Releases

Press Releases for new and recent publications are available from Wolfian Press. Please email to request a Press Release, stating the file format desired. In general we will send out in Word or PDF formats, but can accommodate others on request.

Purple Unicorn Media

If you write in the fields of Poetry, Travel, Essays, Journals, Romance and Short Stories, then Purple Unicorn Media will be the vehicle for those genres going forwards and you can contact them now to proceed immediately with your publication plans.