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Hard Drive Rescue and Repair

Hard drive rescue and recovery is an emergency service offered by Grey Wolf Admin Services to help save your data, and perhaps rescue your computer.

Data Backup

  1) Grey Wolf can read a hard drive as an external device and copy data to a DVD or pen drive

  2) This can allow a hard drive to be blanked and Windows to be reinstalled* without having lost data

  3) Hard drives can be virus checked as an external device

  4) Save precious pictures, videos and documents from a crashed hard drive

*Reinstallation will require the original (or equivalent) Windows disc the computer came with.

What is Hard Drive Recovery?

Your Operating System is what makes a computer work. It is a series of ever-more-complicated programs that run the computer and provide access to your data. If you save photographs, or write articles or memoirs upon your computer, you access them through the Operating System of that computer.

But Operating Systems can be corrupted, sometimes accidentally, at other times deliberately through viruses. However, your data, your photographs and documents can remain as stored files upon a hard drive, even if the Operating System no longer works, even if the computer no longer starts.

Taking the hard drive out of your computer and attaching it as an external device to another computer that has its own integrity protected by a competent virus checker, usually shows that the data files (your photographs, documents, videos etc) remain intact. These can be extracted and saved to external media (DVD or pen drive) using the right equipment. This will not make your computer work again, but will save all of your precious files.

Your system may be able to be rescued, however. Attached as an external device to another computer, your hard drive can be blanked and Windows can be reinstalled. The success of this will depend on whether the corruption was accidental or deliberate, and whether if it was a virus it attacked only the Operating System or if it attacked the BIOS which is your computer's basic hardware system. If it is the former, a simple reinstall once your data has been rescued may well solve the situation.

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