Farflame by Grey Wolf

Poetry Collection

Farflame has as its sub-title 'Resistance' indicating a general theme in the poetry of fighting on, struggling through and striving to survive. Not every single one of the poems cleave to this theme, but the vast majority do.

The Cover

Farflame features a unique cover designed by South Wales artist Hilary Bryanston. Mixing Celtic and traditional themes, she came up with the concept of the medieval-style dragon, positioned in such a way that its fiery breath appears to be deflecting off the very edge of the painting. It is especially powerful as a book cover, in that the flames appear to hit the boundary of the top of the book, and are deflected down to the right hand edge of the cover.


Life throws numerous arrows at us, trying to smash us down, demoralise us, lead us to accept defeat. Whether in the fields of love or work, of creativity or simply of survival itself, these slings and arrows of a quarrelsome fate must be overcome if one is to make one's way in what is left of this world.

Farflame (Resistance) is dedicated to those who fought to overcome adversity, and unashamedly questions the modern rule of never having heroes. Man is flawed, heroes are flawed, but heroes give one the strength to go on when all seems doomed.

From Grey Wolf :-
I hope something within this collection can inspire you, the reader, to battle on and defeat your doom.

Grey Wolf, Author

Grey Wolf has been writing poetry for over a quarter of a century. Farflame is his fourth published work of poetry, the others including Phoenix and Poeticus, both also published by the Wolfian Press.
Grey Wolf edited ten issues of Innovate Magazine and is the editor of the new quarterly AHF Magazine a new voice in alternate history, science fiction and steampunk.
Visit his website at www.greywolfauthor.com.

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"Dead tree;
What else do you think paper's made of?"
I'm talking to a dead tree,
Addressing to it all my fears,
My hopes, dreams,
My lost emotions -
Telling all these things to a dead tree,
Something I'd never've done
Were it still alive.