Innovate Magazine - Issues 1 to 10

Innovate Issue 1

INNOVATE is a new literary e-magazine, devoted to bringing original and thought-provoking features from established and up-coming authors, as well as establishing a new frontier with enhanced media.
Issue 1 of Innovate E-Magazine includes an interview with author Herbie Brennan, reviews of his latest book Whisperers: The Secret History of The Spirit World, first chapters of stories The Library and Beyond Nemesis, short stories by Elizabeth Audrey Mills and Mark Fleming and an article on the future of ebooks by KD Rose. The Guest Feature is 'The Window' by Val Trevallion whilst Alec Hawkes provides biting political satire with an extract from 'If Brains Were Dynamite'.

Innovate Issue 2

We are proud to keep up our tradition of author interviews with Brien Foerster, archaeologist, pre-historian and writer on Peru, S America and the Pacific. Introuding the Artist Interview, we have Tamala Baldwin, talented young American singer and performer. Our Art Feature this month is Art Zeal, a fascinating new home for artists on the web. Guest Feature is Indie and Proud by Ingrid Hall, a year-long campaign to raise the profile of independent authors. We have short stories by Elizabeth Audrey Mills, KD Rose and Mark Fleming as well as a short thriller from Eric J Gates and naval alternate history by Aaron Sargon. Serialised stories continue with Grey Wolf's alternate history The Library and Swaroop Acharjee's Beyond Nemesis, will Sherlock Holmes save the Titanic! Biting political satire is provided by the sharp and witty mind of Alec Hawkes, whilst in contrast the Poets' Corner examines the theme of Hopeless Love. We introduce the monthly Art Gallery with works from artists including Derek Roberts, Louise Fletcher and Hilary Bryanston.

Innovate Issue 3

Issue 3 features short stories, serialised stories including 'The Library' by Grey Wolf, a South Wales take-over of Poets' Corner, book features, an article on walking the West Highland Way, an interview with the band Rusty G's and an interview with alternative model Sarah Quinn. Our Author Interview is with flash fiction writer Marc Nash, and we include two of his flash fiction pieces. The Guest Feature is by Steffie Dawn, who also designed the cover for this issue.

Innovate Issue 4

Innovate issue 4 is dedicated In Memoriam to my Mum and includes a donation to, and an appeal in favour of, a Pancreatic Cancer research charity. Author interviews, short stories, art features, music feature, alternative model and book features round out at a handsome 158 pages.

We interview John G Hemry, author of The Lost Fleet series of Science Fiction books, and Derek Roberts, a Barking-based artist whose work is featured on a growing number of book covers.

Our featured poet is Laura Cracknell from Cambridge, and our art feature is by Louise Fletcher, looking at her paintings of cows.

The music feature is an interview and photo shoot with The Bleeding Hearts, and our Alternative Model feature showcases the work of Sarah Quinn.

Innovate issue 4 includes short stories by Eric J Gates, Alex Shalenko, Aaron Sargon, Daniel Blanchette and Swaroop Acharjee. Serialised stories by Grey Wolf and Elizabeth Audrey Mills continue, and a detailed excerpt from Christopher Nuttall showcases his newest novel.

We have book features on Farflame, by Grey Wolf, on creating the book cover for Josiah Stubb, by Chuck Lovatt, and on Arse About Face by Alec Hawkes.

Innovate Issue 5

Issue 5 includes an art feature from Louise Fletcher, author interviews with Nicua Shamira and Paul Leone, the new story Carnivore by Swaroop Acharjee, parts 1 to 5 of The Library by Grey Wolf, Poets' Corner which includes works by Laura Cracknell and Brian G Davies, an article on 'Remembering the Fallen of the First World War', book reviews, and beautiful photographs by Sanuj Goswami. The time-slip alternate history story 'On board United American Flight 817' by Jim Smith rounds the issue out.

Innovate Issue 6

A core of fascinating features from talented people in a range of creative arts. Our Author Interview is with Matthew Quinn, a writer across a variety of genres, epitomised by his new short story collection ‘Flashing Steel, Flashing Fire’ which is also reviewed in this issue. This month’s Art Feature is with Melody Hesaraky, whose latest project takes its inspiration from Persian architecture and geometry. We are pleased to present as our Music Feature, the music of Midgard, a death metal band fronted by singer, musician and author Aleksandr Shalenko. And issue 6’s Special Feature is ‘Silver Kingdom Festival - Small Faire, Big heart’ by Gia Volterra de Saulnier, a colourful look at a medieval fair (or faire) held regularly in the Summer of Massachusetts.

Innovate Issue 7

Innovate #7 features a major focus on South Wales abstract artist Lynnford Jones who talks about his life and work. Our music feature is 'Synth Music Direct' on the music of Joanna Mundy. Children's author Brenda May Williams is our major writer feature, whilst book features include a work of landscape photography and a book of poems in memoriam.

We are pleased to announce a new permanent column from R C Bean, Beanie-Vocal where she talks about writing, this month the use and misuse of language. Our regular Poets' Corner is home to new poets as well as regular contributors. Serialised story The Library continues into episode 7, while we also bring you Part 3 of 3 of children's story Tapestry Capricorn. We have a short story Mingulay by Gia Volterra de Saulnier, and an essay on the meaning and origins of Civilisation.

Innovate Issue 8

Innovate 8 is the 1st Anniversary edition of the magazine, including the Great 1st Anniversary Competition with many prizes to be won.

Features include Children's Author Lucy O'Farrell Carter and her illustrator Nicola Spencer; Gig Update on the Bleeding Hearts, and a Music Feature on Synth Music Direct; Featured Poet Brian G.Davies whose book 'A Fountain Stirred' is raising money for Pancreatic Cancer research; and new columnist Gavion E. Chandler with his 'Art of Man'.

Other regular columns are Beanie Vocal from RC Bean, writing about writing, and Poets' Corner, featuring the varied work of ten poets. Short stories include James McInnes' 'The Emperor's Ravens', 'World Markets' by Terry Sanville, 'Sariah James II' by Gia Volterrra de Saulnier, and children's story 'Debra The Zebra' by Brenda May Williams. We are also pleased to serialise Paul V Cwiakala's 'A Slave of the Birdmen' and present the first part of Swaroop Acharjee's 'Fifty-Four Forms For Fear' Our History Feature is 'The Great War & Its Carpathian Theeatre - Not Forgotten' by Peter Molnar, and there is a short monologue on Memory by Grey Wolf.

Innovate Issue 9

This issue we feature an up-and-coming talented young artist from Sussex, Chloe Leggett whose work combines a variety of media and styles.

Gavion E. Chandler's column 'The Art of Man' this time examines the issue of whether Technology is good for the artistic process, and includes a debate with Daniel Mollenkamp on that issue.

Paul V Cwiakala's serialised story 'A Slave of the Birdmen' continues with Part 2, and we also welcome short story submissions from Kyle Hemmings and Stephen McQuiggan.

Our Featured Poet is Rose McConahy who provides a fascinating insight into her poetic journey, as well as her love of the angel oak. Poets' Corner is likewise full of a variety of great work from a range of poets. We are grateful to Jessica Fletcher (not THAT one!) for the poem 'Ozone To Hell' written by her late father, Sean Fletcher.

Garrett Rowlan provides an intriguing look at American cinema and its relationship with narrative fiction with his essay 'Decline In The West: the Hollywood Novel'

Rounding this issue of Innovate off, is a look at 'The Welsh Chapel: Decline and Disappearance' exploring the phenomenal growth of the Non-Conformist tradition in the 19th century, and its almost complete disappearance as a living entity from many Welsh towns in the current day.

Innovate Issue 10

Issue 10 of arts and literature emagazine, featuring the art of Simona Candini, Poets Corner, and featured poet Dorothy E Scott, part 3 of Slave of The Bird Men by Paul Cwiakala, The Art of Man by Gavion E Chandler, short stories including from Swaroop Acharjee, and more!