Innovate Magazine

Original & Thought-Provoking Features

Innovate Magazine was published by the Wolfian Press between January 2014 and July 2015, comprising ten issues of art, poetry, fiction, modelling, music and technology in the arts.

History of Innovate

Innovate was born of a collaboration between six inventive and energetic writers in late 2013. Working to their strengths, issue 1 was released solely for ebook in January 2014, and included an interview with world-famous author Herbie Brennan. Initially a monthly magazine, Innovate became quarterly in Autumn 2014 and produced its final edition, issue 10, for Summer 2015.

Issue 1

Issue 1 featured a cover design by Mark Fleming, an interview with author Herbie Brennan & review of his book Whisperers.

Issue 2

Issue 2 featured interviews with singer Tamala Baldwin & with ancient Peruvian expert Brien Foerster, & a feature on Art Zeal.

Issue 3

Issue 3 had a cover by guest artist & writer Steffie Dawn, and included a photoshoot from alternative model Sarah Quinn

Issue 4

Issue 4 had a cover by Ruya Arts, interview with sci-fi novelist John G. Hemry & music feature on The Bleeding Hearts.

Issue 5

Issue 5 interviewed author Paul Leone, had a short alternate history story by Jim Smitty, & an article on WW1's anniversary

Issue 6

Issue 6 featured the music of Midgard, the art of Melody Hesaraky, and a feature on the Silver Kingdom Festival.

Issue 7

Issue 7 had a cover by Jed Dixon, interview with abstract artist Lynnford Jones, and introduced Beanie Vocal as a column on writing.

Issue 8

Innovate issue 8 was both the 2014 Christmas Special and by diint of being quarterly the 1st Anniversary Issue, and featured a central design by Ruya Arts on the cover.

Issue 9

Issue 9 introduced Gavion E. Chandler's column The Art of Man, & featured poet Rose McConahy & artist Chloe Leggett.

Issue 10

Issue 10 had a cover by Gavion E. Chandler, & featured the art of Simona Candini & the poetry of Dorothy E Scott.

Arts & Literature

Each issue of Innovate featured the work of an artist, with a feature on their style, technique and background, as well as examples of their work; pictured left is Lynnford Jones, an abstract artist from South Wales. Innovate also featured interviews with published authors, including 'The Lost Fleet' science fiction author John G. Hemry.

Music, Technology & History

Innovate included features and articles on Music, Technology and History. In issue 2 we looked at the art website ArtZeal. In issue 8, the History feature was remembering the First World War from a Slovakian perspective by Peter Molnar (Austro-Hungarian flag shown to the left).

Poetry & Reviews

Innovate always had a strong poetry content, each issue having a Featured Poet whose biography and philosophy was included, as well as several poems. A Review section looked at new books of particular interest, issue 1 focusing on 'Whisperers - The Secret History of the Spirit World' by Herbie Brennan.

Innovate's Covers

Over the ten issues Innovate had 3 covers designed by Mark Fleming of Rumblebook, 4 covers designed by Ruya Arts of Calicut, India, and 1 cover each designed by Steffie Dawn, by Jed Dixon, and by Gavion E. Chandler.

Issues 1 and 2, as well as issue 9, were by Mark Fleming, and he also designed the '8' logo that features on some of the covers, and was used on the website. Issues 4,5,6, and 8 were by Ruya Arts, and the cover to the left is the ebook version of the Christmas Special ⁄ Anniversary Edition.

Steffie Dawn designed the ebook-only issue 3's cover, whilst Jed Dixon designed the cover for the best-selling issue 7, with its major feature on South Wales artist Lynnford Jones, an extract of whose work was used in this cover. Gavion E. Chandler who wrote a column in Innovate under the heading 'The Art of Man' designed the cover for Innovate's final edition, issue 10.

Back Issues

As of March 2018, all issues of Innovate were take off sale and remain Out of Print. A few back issues can be ordered directly in print from Wolfian Press.