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Introducing Scimitar Magazine

Edited by Kirian Valk & Asher Powell

Scimitar Magazine is a new publication from Wolfian Press, with its premier issue designed to coincide with the UK general election.

Scimitar Magazine aims to raise awareness for human rights, civil liberties, and democratic values across the world. It aims to create a new narrative through engaging young, grassroots, and under-represented poets, authors, campaigners and visionaries.

Articles on Climate Change, environmental issues, the Green Revolution, and associated protest movements are especially welcome.

Scimitar Magazine is open-submission and all articles, artwork etc can be sent to scimitar@wolfianpress.com

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About The Editors

Kirian Valk and Asher Powell run the social media for Scimitar at:-

Facebook - Scimitar Edge
Twitter - Scimitar Arts