The Wolfian #9

The cover of issue 9 features a fantastic artwork by Lauralee Sikorski. Her work can be viewed at

Mathew Hulbert's 'Loving The Journey' column includes working with the UN to hold the government to account, campaigning for a Remain vote in the EU Referendum, and celebrating Leicester City's Premiership title.

Our lead article is by Colin Neill asking 'Why Did Leave Win?' the EU Referendum.

There is a special feature by Gillian Mawson on the poetry of World War Two evacuees from Guernsey and Alderney.

Poets' Corner includes the work of eight poets, including first-time contributions from Daryll Williams, Alia Hussain Vancrown and Max Bowden.

New short fiction comes from Jerry Vilhotti, Ken O'Steen, Michel Hersen and George Zimmar, and we have the concluding part of our serialised story 'Earworms' by Jonathan Doering.

Brian G Davies contributes another of his fascinating travelogues with 'Top To Toe' on his recent holiday in Italy, covering Venice, Pisa, Sicily and more.

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