Wolfian Press - Schedule of Fees

Publishing Agreement

Wolfian Press charges a basic fee of £50 plus 30% in Royalties to help an author publish their book. This fee covers:-
1 - consultation, advice and support
2 - manuscript formatting
3 - cover creation (see Note)
4 - listing at the sales platforms
5 - promotion via website and social media


Once the manuscript has gone to Approval, Wolfian Press can purchase an Approval Copy of your book for you, using our discounted publisher account. Please note that Approval Copies are printed in the U.S.A. so postage can be high, especially if the Approval Copy is desired in a short time frame. We charge
- the Approval Copy price, with no mark-up
- the international postage option of your choice

Pre-Live Revision

Once the Approval Copy has been purchased, Wolfian Press will undertake any textual corrections, updates or small insertions that may be required for final publication.

If the author decides to alter anything structurally from the Approval Copy, such as the cover image, the internal photographs, chapter structure, Wolfian Press will charge a Revision Fee of £30.

Note Once the author has signed off the formatting and preparation to go forward with the purchase of the Approval Copy, sections 1 to 3 of the Publishing Agreement (above) are deemed to be complete. Wolfian Press will correct any errors, and make small changes before publication, but restarting the manuscript creation process incurs a significant amount of work, and will be charged for.

Post-Live Revision

As a good-will measure, Wolfian Press will leave open the potential to make small textual changes once the book has gone live, without incurring a fee. This includes the correction of any oversights, or the insertion of additional explanatory sentences, or captions.

Larger changes, such as to the cover image, the internal photographs, chapter structure, etc. will incur the Revision Fee of £30.

Please note that making changes to a live book can knock the book out of publication for up to 48 hours once the changes have been resubmitted to the publishing platforms.

If Wolfian Press considers that the changes you wish for your book effectively change the nature of the book, or make it a completely revised edition, we will charge the full £50 publishing fee, as befits the creation of what will in effect be a new work.

Note About External Services

The Wolfian Press is a publisher not a graphic design studio. We can use the publishing platforms' cover-creation programs, or create simple clear book covers in a linear format, but for complex cover design authors must pay a third-party for these. Wolfian Press can put you in contact with some external services in this area, or sub-contract to them, but their fees are additional to ours. In addition we can source a Marketing Package of accessories and merchandise, at potentially discounted prices. The design and creation of logos and advertising copy is also available. Such third-party services come with their own fees, additional to our own.
Authors are, of course, welcome to make their own arrangements in this area.

While we are happy to create book trailers and cover features on your book for our Youtube channel, we are not a video design studio. If you wish for something complicated please make your own arrangements in this area.