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If you are looking to start a magazine or to create a collection of essays or articles, the Wolfian Press can work with you to bring it to publication.

The Wolfian Press also publishes in-house magazines; these are sold through online distributors, though subscriptions for the electronic versions are available direct. Please email for details or to subscribe.

Current & Recent Magazines

Wolfian Press Review 2018

The Wolfian Press Review 2018 includes an Art Feature with Mikey Jones of Wrexham, Wales, stories by Emma Hines and Michel Hersen, an excellent Poets' Quarter featuring work by Rose McConahy, Simon R Gladdish, Gary Beck, Brian G Davies, Grey Wolf, Stephen Kellegher, Steve McAuliffe, and Benjamin Okun, plus articles and features, including history, real-life stories, music and art. The Wolfian Press Review 2018 masthead, and the cover photographs are by Violett Dragonlady, as are the design elements upon them.

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AHF Magazine issue 4

Issue 4 of AHF Magazine features stories from Christian Dean Shute, Richard Comerford, Geoff Nelder, Larry Parker, Jeremy Zentner, and Grey Wolf. Our interview is with Tanya Reimer, while Rebekah L Pierce writes on 'The Edutainment Value of Historical Fiction' . It features a review of Red Moon from Wireless Theatre, and a preview of Casanova In Paris. Chris Smedbakken is the Featured Poet, and there is also poetry from Bray McDonald and John Grey. The masthead and logo are by Violett Dragonlady, and the cover artwork by Dean Roberts.

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Creating A Magazine

Wolfian Press' in-house magazines are published as full-colour A4 coffee table books, for print, or are available on Kindle, iTunes and Epub from online distributors. PDF copies are only available from us, and can be bought singly or by subscription. Please email for details or to subscribe.

This style of magazine might not suit your intended publication, and the pros and cons should be weighed up.
Pros - Durable product - anywhere you sell to will often keep it about for months; Quality printing, feel and look; Easy to translate the print version into the ebook version, no need for lengthy reformatting or messy workarounds
Cons - High individual unit price; Free copies to give out or promote it will cost you a lot more; No immediate stock from the printer unless you purchase it yourself

If you prefer to publish a magazine in a more traditional light-paper and paper-cover format, then Wolfian Press will create your manuscriipt and liaise with reputable printers we have worked with in the past and whose products meet our high standards. Please Note that low unit costs in traditional magazine printing come from the larger order, so you will only save most vis-a-vis the coffee table format if you commit to pay the printer for 200, or 500 units. Printing of a traditional style magazine is also not available for single copies, and all printers come with a minimum accepted order, usually 50, so if you run out after your initial purchase, you will have to buy another minimum order, rather than top your stock off ad hoc.


Whilst many publications continue to be dual-format in both print and ebook versions, it is perfectly acceptable to decide to publish solely as an emagazine (or ezine). With no worries about the correct format for print, the focus can be on marketing the ebook-only version to the best of its capability. The Wolfian Press creates DRM-free master copies which are then uploaded to the distributors; these master copies can be used to send to reviewers, bloggers and potential sales influencers free of charge. The e-magazines can then be sold on Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and through Smashwords.

The Wolfian Press has published three magazines to date:-


The Wolfian Press published ten issues of Innovate between January 2014 and July 2015. Of these, all ten were available to purchase in kindle and ebook formats, and issues 4,7,8,9 and 10 had a print format accompanying this. Innovate prided itself on bringing to public notice original and thought-provoking features from authors, poets, artists, models and bands.

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The Wolfian

Nine issues of The Wolfian were published between its launch in August 2015 and its final regular edition in August 2016. A one-off Special Edition for the June 2017 General Election was created as issue 10. The Wolfian published a mixture of politics and current affairs, short and serialised fiction, poetry, writing features, art, reviews and interviews. The Wolfian was Open Submission and listed at Duotrope. Apart from articles and features created by the Editor for publication, the magazine did not claim copyright on any material used in each issue.

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AHF Magazine

AHF Magazine is a new periodical focused on Alternate History, Science Fiction, Steampunk, Fantasy, Historical Fiction and non-fiction History. The magazine focuses on a mixture of short stories, author interviews, cover art features, book features, essays on writing, and reviews. With a logo and masthead by Violett Dragonlady, issue 1 of AHF Magazine also features the fantastic cover art 'Zip Worlds' by Denny Marshall.

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Wolfian Press Review

The Wolfian Press Review is an annual publication celebrating some of the best authors and contributors the Wolfian Press has worked with in recent years. Due to size constraints, we are unable to invite everyone whose work we have admired to submit to it, but hope that as it establishes itself over the coming years the Wolfian Press Review will be able to feature content by the vast majority of people whose work we have been proud to have published.

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Scimitar Magazine

Scimitar Magazine is published by Wolfian Press, in association with Scimitar Edge, a registered imprint of Purple Unicorn Media.

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Cover & Logo Design

The Wolfian Press can arrange cover art or logo design to a professional standard.


Magazines published by the Wolfian Press are open to advertisements from authors, publishers, merchandise companies and websites. Prices start at £10 per issue for a full colour advertisement. Whilst open to general advertisements for Holidays and Travel, within the literary sphere AHF Magazine will generally only accept advertising from within the genres of Alternate History, Science Fiction, Steampunk, Fantasy, Historical Fiction and Historical Fact.
Email Payment can be taken by card, Paypal, or bank transfer.

If you wish to advertise but do not have any artwork, a professional design service is available through the Wolfian Press for £70 providing an advertisement that you will be free to use where-ever you wish.