Wolfian Press Publications

Into The Future

In the longer term, Wolfian Press is looking at registering with Nielsen as a publisher, under the name of Wolfian Press Publications (WPP). This will :-
- see WPP deliver Legal Deposit copies of your book to the National Libraries of the British Isles
- see your book listed in trade catalogues, getting it into online stores such as Waterstones, and allowing it to be ordered from (but not stocked in) physical bookshops

Copyright - Be Sure!

As a registered publisher we will do due diligence on any images used in your book. To be certain that you have permission to use them, we provide an Author's Copyright Guide. Simply put you must own the photograph yourself, or have the photographer's permission to use it. However, if the photograph was taken on privately-owned land, such as castles, or cathedrals, then you may need to pay a site licensing fee to the landowner, or get their permission in writing. If your photograph is of a castle, but was taken from a public highway, then there is no problem, it is the location you were standing in that indicates if a site license is required (certain exceptions apply). If you buy an image to use off the internet, we will need to see the Terms and Conditions that come with it, to make sure you paid for the appropriate license.

We will also do due diligence on any quotations in the book to ensure that they meet the 'fair use' criteria. Where in doubt, we may need to enquire of the copyright holder, who will be perhaps a media company, or another publisher. If they charge a fee, we will report this back to you. As a general rule, it is wise to only quote on the frontispiece someone who has given you permission to have their words there, or who has been dead for over seventy years. Shakespeare and Mark Twain are not likely to sue you over a couple of lines, but a best-selling author, or song-writer may well do so. Where in doubt, we will always seek the permission of the individual quoted or their representatives.

What Copyright will Wolfian Press Publications Claim?

As a registered publisher, we are putting the book out with the assigned copyright as agreed by you, in the contract. We are willing to work with you for the least restrictive option, and if publishing, for example, a collection of essays or short stories, would not object to most instances of your wishing to submit one piece to a magazine, or for serialisation, but please request permission in writing as a matter of courtesy. The contract forbids your republishing of the entirety of a work, or a substantial percentage, elsewhere whilst the book is in print - this is a standard industry requirement. For example, if we publish a collection of ten essays, then you may neither include those ten essays in another larger book, say of twenty essays, or re-use half a dozen of them in a different collection. Of course, if you wish to publish those other collections through Wolfian Press, then you would not be violating assigned copyright and we would happily work with you on it.