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Annual Publication

The Wolfian Press Review is an annual publication, celebrating some of the best authors and contributors we have worked with in recent years. Due to size constraints, we are unable to invite everyone whose work we have admired to submit to it, but hope that as it establishes itself over the coming years the Wolfian Press Review will be able to feature content by the vast majority of people whose work we have been proud to have published.

Invite-only, and available only in a print format, The Wolfian Press Review is a fascinating mixture of short and flash fiction, poetry, art features, history features, social commentary, charity features, and articles on writing and publishing.

The Wolfian Press Review 2017

  The Wolfian Press Review 2018


Our premier edition for 2017 includes, amongst many others: historical articles by Gillian Mawson (on World War 2 evacuees) and Sarah Reay (on WW1 army chaplaincy); a feature by Brian G. Davies on Befriending as a volunteering charitable role; short stories by Michel Hersen, Rusty Gladdish and Swaroop Acharjee; poetry by Denny Marshall, Simon R Gladdish, Rose McConahy and Gary Beck; a major art feature on Swansea valley artist Lynnford Jones; flash fiction by Jerry Vilhotti; an article on his publishing journey by Steve McAuliffe; an article on writing by Charles M Fraser.


The Wolfian Press Review 2018 will be released in the week beginning 29th January 2018, and is currently in full production mode.

Cover Art

As a wholly new title, the Wolfian Press Review 2017 has a brand new masthead, designed by Violett Dragonlady. and incorporating the annual nature of the publication in the seasonal images flanking the wording. The cover photograph for the Wolfian Press Review, 2017, is by Michel Hersen, and was taken in Monument Valley, Arizona at the Teardrop Arch. The photograph features Fred Cly, a Navajo Indian Guide, and is used with his permission.

The Wolfian Press Review 2018 masthead, designed by Violett Dragonlady incorporates the annual nature of the publication in the seasonal images flanking the wording. The cover photographs for the Wolfian Press Review 2018, are also by Violett, as is the design elements upon them.

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