Wolfian Press Services


Wolfian Press helps independent authors to be published and to sell their books online.

What Can We Do For You?

1) The Wolfian Press will typeset your manuscript, advise you on taking your ideas and creating a reality out of them, and proof it at every stage with you.
2) The Wolfian Press will format your book for ebook publication, ensuring that it meets industry standard, that there is a fully navigable table of contents, and that features such as clickable links all work as intended.
3) The Wolfian Press will handle the distribution of your book, getting it featured at all major sellers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo, and at subscription services such as Scribd and Oyster.
4) The Wolfian Press will feature your book on our website and in social media campaigns on Twitter, Facebook and G+. We can help you set up your author's page on Amazon and Goodreads, and undertake competitions and promotions on your behalf.

Fees and Royalties

A basic set-up fee of £50 will be charged, together with a 20% stake in royalties. Additional formatting requirements, e.g. for different releases, and add-ons such as cover design will come with an additional fee, depending on the amount of work required. It is possible to trade additional costs against decreased royalties, to a maximum of 50% (equal share) of royalties. The Wolfian Press is the publisher, not the printer, but one copy of any non-hardback work will be included in the price.

Promotion of Your Book

As part of the basic package, the Wolfian Press will undertake social media campaigns for your book, and can arrange for competitions to be set up on sites such as Goodreads. The responsibility for paying for prize copies in print, and posting them, remains with the author. Where prizes are solely of an electronic format, the Wolfian Press will send DRM-free copies to the winners on your behalf

Please see the Terms & Conditions page for important further details.

Download the free Author Platform Guide for help and advice on promoting your book.

Wolfian Press Publications - Into The Future

Wolfian Press is registering with Nielsen as a registered publisher in the UK. This means that the books we publish will be sent to the National Libraries under Legal Deposit, and will appear in Trade Catalogues, including those accessed by bookshops and libraries.

Wolfian's Focus

As part of the restructuring of the business, Wolfian Press will focus primarily on:-

  • Alternate History
  • Science Fiction
  • Steampunk
  • Fantasy
  • Historical Fiction
  • History
  • Biography

The majority of books currently published by the Wolfian Press will be reissued with a new ISBN and updated front pages, and covers. Where these books fall outside of the above remit for the Wolfian Press, they will be reissued by our sister company, also a Nielsen-registered publisher, Purple Unicorn Media.

Business Model

As a registered publisher, the Wolfian Press will give you the choice of four routes to publication:-

  • Select
  • Essential
  • Full
  • Premium

Simply put the Select package is where we select books for publication at no cost to the author. We will choose a number of books for the Select category each year. Authors may Query for Select status.

The Essential package is an improved version of what we already offer under the self-publishing route, so if you were intending to go down this route, then the Essential package is the one for you.

The Full package represents our future position as a registered publisher, with the responsibility to paying clients that such a position brings. It will include the purchase of advertising and of hard copy review copies, as well as syndication of interviews, features and articles on the book and its author, and access to professional services including proof reading, copy-editing and cover design.

The Premium package provides access to Ingram in the U.S.A. and registration of your book at the Library of Congress, the making available of professional cover designers to work with you from the start of the process, a full editing package, and where it is feasible to do so the arrangement of a book signing event for the author.

Full Details

Full details of the above packages are available on request. These details include the complete scope of services offered under each plan, and the relevant fees applicable.

Until the registration of Wolfian Press as a Nielsen-registered publishing business has been completed, the above packages are available, as a temporary measure, from the associated company Purple Unicorn Media regardless of genre.

Please Note:- If you write in the fields of Poetry, Travel, Essays, Journals, Romance and Short Stories, then Purple Unicorn Media will be the vehicle for those genres going forwards and you can contact them now to proceed immediately with your publication plans.

Please see the Terms & Conditions page for important further details.