Wolfian Press Services


Wolfian Press helps independent authors to be published and to sell their books online.

What Can We Do For You?

1) The Wolfian Press will typeset your manuscript, advise you on taking your ideas and creating a reality out of them, and proof it at every stage with you.
2) The Wolfian Press will format your book for ebook publication, ensuring that there is a fully navigable table of contents, and that features such as clickable links all work as intended.
3) The Wolfian Press will handle the distribution of your book, getting it featured at all major sellers including Amazon for the print and kindle versions, and for the epub ebook version Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo, and at subscription services such as Scribd and Oyster.
4) The Wolfian Press will feature your book on our website and in social media campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, G+, and Instagram. We can help you set up your author's page on Amazon and Goodreads, and undertake competitions and promotions on your behalf. A book trailer or cover feature can also be created for you and uploaded to our Youtube channel.

Fees and Royalties

A basic set-up fee of £50 will be charged, together with a 30% stake in royalties. Additional formatting requirements, e.g. for different releases, and add-ons such as cover design will come with an additional fee, depending on the amount of work required. It is possible to trade additional costs against decreased royalties, to a maximum of 50% (equal share) of royalties. The Wolfian Press is the publisher, not the printer, but one copy of any non-hardback work can be purchased for approval purposes through our discounted account.

Please see the Schedule of Fees page for important further details.

Promotion of Your Book

The Wolfian Press will undertake social media campaigns for your book, and will send out press releases to relevant online publications and organisations. We can give help advice about listing on Goodreads as an author, and setting up an Author Central page on Amazon, and can arrange for competitions to be set up on sites such as Goodreads. The responsibility for paying for prize copies in print, and posting them, remains with the author. Where prizes are solely of an electronic format, the Wolfian Press will send DRM-free copies to the winners on your behalf.

Please see the Terms & Conditions page for important further details.

Download the free Author Platform Guide for help and advice on promoting your book.

External Services

The Wolfian Press is a publisher not a graphic design studio. We can use the publishing platforms' cover-creation programs, or create simple clear book covers in a linear format, but for complex cover design authors must pay a third-party for these. Wolfian Press can put you in contact with some external services in this area, or sub-contract to them, but their fees are additional to ours. In addition we can source a Marketing Package of accessories and merchandise, at potentially discounted prices. The design and creation of logos and advertising copy is also available. Such third-party services come with their own fees, additional to our own.
Authors are, of course, welcome to make their own arrangements in this area.

While we are happy to create book trailers and cover features on your book for our Youtube channel, we are not a video design studio. If you wish for something complicated please make your own arrangements in this area.