Wolfian Press Terms & Conditions

Important Note

All authors must agree to these Terms and Conditions as a basic guideline for our work with you. Commencement of work is both our undertaking to you, the author, and your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. A basic contract is available for download here:-
Wolfian Press Outline Contract.


All copyright remains with the author of the book, and the Wolfian Press claim no rights of copyright. Please check that you have clearance for any quotations or images used; whilst the Wolfian Press will give advice, the copyright responsibilities remain the author's.

Fees and Royalties

A basic set-up fee of £50 will be charged, together with a 30% stake in royalties. Additional formatting requirements, e.g. for different releases, and add-ons such as cover design will come with an additional fee, depending on the amount of work required. It is possible to trade additional costs against decreased royalties, to a maximum of 50% (equal share) of royalties. Payment of the agreed sum is to made in advance, before the commencement of our work upon your book.

The Wolfian Press is the publisher, not the printer, but one copy of any non-hardback work can be purchased for approval purposes through our discounted account.

Please see the Schedule of Fees page for important further details.

Campaigns & Competitions

As part of the basic package, the Wolfian Press will undertake social media campaigns for your book, and can arrange for competitions to be set up on sites such as Goodreads. The responsibility for paying for prize copies in print, and posting them, remains with the author. Where prizes are solely of an electronic format, the Wolfian Press will send DRM-free copies to the winners on your behalf.

Submission Requirements

As we are currently set up as a self-publishing service for independent authors, the Wolfian Press is happy to liaise with authors who currently have no document, or only notes as to how to go about creating one. If you have a completed document, and wish to submit it to us, the Wolfian Press prefers submissions made in Word, or similar formats, that have already had the text formatted to the appearance desired by the author, as well as, if possible, the page sized to that of the desired book size. Don't worry if this is beyond you, but if it's not beyond you, it would certainly speed the process up.


Payments to or from the Wolfian Press can be made by bank transfer, within the UK, or by Paypal, for the UK or world to editor@wolfianpress.com Payment in advance is required once publication is agreed. We will happily liaise with you for a considerable period whilst we give advice, and discuss options, but once any work is required from us on formatting the document, or preparing it for publication, we will send a simple contract, upon the signing of which the fee in full is due.
The reason for this is that, at the low price offered here, the bulk of the work on our behalf is made up to the point of publication.

Sales Reports

Authors will receive monthly sales reports from all formats of their books, but please note the distributors pay monthly in arrears, which for sales in August, for example, means we receive the money at the end of October. Thus, the first sales report we are able to send will be at the end of the first month of publication, but the first royalties we are able to remit will be two months later.

Publication Period

The Wolfian Press will keep your book in publication permanently, at all outlets selected. The exceptions to this are :-
1) If we receive a copyright violation notice or a plagiarism take-down notice, where we will delist the title immediately and inform you of the problem
2) Where you as the author request that we delist the book. We request that you keep it in publication with us for 24 months after its initial listing, but as the copyright remains with you, the author, should there be reason on your part to need to withdraw the book before then, we will endeavour to comply. Any time after this 24 months you may instruct us to delist the book, with no penalty. We will continue to pay any already-accrued royalties, and if after a 3 month period from delisting you have not requested that we relist the book, we will permanently delete its listing for you. A copy of the manuscript will be retained on our files for a further 12 months unless you instruct us to destroy it - after which we will have no document to supply, if you decide to relist.

External Services

The Wolfian Press is a publisher not a graphic design studio. We can use the publishing platforms' cover-creation programs, or create simple clear book covers in a linear format, but for complex cover design authors must pay a third-party for these. Wolfian Press can put you in contact with some external services in this area, or sub-contract to them, but their fees are additional to ours. In addition we can source a Marketing Package of accessories and merchandise, at potentially discounted prices. The design and creation of logos and advertising copy is also available. Such third-party services come with their own fees, additional to our own.
Authors are, of course, welcome to make their own arrangements in this area.

While we are happy to create book trailers and cover features on your book for our Youtube channel, we are not a video design studio. If you wish for something complicated please make your own arrangements in this area.

Contract Termination

Wolfian Press will make every effort to work with you to bring your book to publication. At the same time you, the author, accept these Terms and Conditions as the prerequisite for our working with you. If there are problems, we will attempt to sort them out amicably, but if we consider the behaviour of the author, or their agent, to be acting in bad faith, against the agreement we will:-
1. Give notice of Contract Termination
2. Repay all fees that you have paid Wolfian Press. We are not in a position to repay, or request repayment, of fees paid to third parties, whether we acted as their agent or not.
3. Hand over the digital master copy of the manuscript in its most up-to-date format, along with the master image scans of any photographs, and master image files of any cover art.
4. Remove and delete all advertising material for your book from our website and social media. We cannot, of course, remove it from any emails or Newsletters that may have been sent out to third parties.

Legally, Points 2 and 3 are done under Goodwill, and do not admit of any liability on our part for severing a contract under these conditions. Since they incur a significant hit upon our finances, it is hoped that authors will understand that we will only issue a Contract Termination in exceptional circumstances.